About the company Norrabyns Holstein
and our breeding goal.
The company is owned by Anders & Maria Lidström and we have 2 children Elin & Viktor.

The company started in 1993 with 2 cows in the small village named Hortlax.
After a short time the 2 dairy cows were raised to 10.
At the same time we worked at other dairy farms.
In 1999 we left Hortlax an bought a property outside the small town Älvsbyn
where it was a tiestall for about 59 cows.

After 3 years in Älvsbyn
we built a freestall for 74 cows and all heifers in the same building.

Our cow's use robotmilking (Lelyrobot).
We feed all animals with TMR. We use a KEENAN mixerwagon.
The farm consist of 107 ha. 70 ha is grass that we cut for silage 3 times. The remaining 37 ha are used for wholecrop.

Since year 2000 we have an employee who´s name is Jörgen Forsgren.

Since year 2001 we started with SEMEX philosophy, ”balanced breeding”,
and only using SEMEX bulls.

We have bought some real Canadian Holstein cows
from Gårdsbyholstein, who did import heifers in the 80´s and 90´s.

(GGGM is 1543 Roybrook Tab Kersti)

Our breeding goal is to have cows who can manage a hard working day in the freestall for many years.
A beautiful cow who last year after year..... that's what makes us happy!!

The average point from spring 2010 is 83,0.

Welcome to visit our farm
in the land of the midnight sun !

E-mail: a.lidstrm@telia.com

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